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Scarborough Sanitary District - Scarborough, Maine

Scarborough Sanitary District Board of Trustees

The Scarborough Sanitary District was formed by the Maine Legislature under Title 38, Chapter 11, Sanitary Districts. The Board of trustees are elected by the citizens of Scarborough for a term of three years. Under Title 38, "All the affairs of the sanitary district are managed by an elected board of trustees." Title 38, Chapter 11, sanitary districts can be found here.

The Board of Trustees meet the fourth Thursday of each month, except November and December, when they meet on the third Thursday. Meetings are held at the Scarborough Municipal Building (259 US Route 1, 6:30PM).

Below find member names of our current Board of Trustees and board members' expiration dates. Please contact Scarborough Sanitary District for more information on board meetings or questions.

Trustee Name / Title Term Expires Phone
Nicola Rico / Chairman 2024 207-883-3926
Michael Stein 2024 207-632-1266
Paul Rodriguez / Vice-Chairman 2022 716-226-6258
Jason Greenleaf / Treasurer 2023 207-883-9803
Joseph Carroll / Clerk 2022 207-653-3989
Benjamin McDougal 2023 207-400-7044
Ruth Summers 2023 207-332-0111