January 10th and 13th Storms

30 Jan | Scarborough Sanitary District

January 10th and 13th Storms: We had two historic storms which caused significant damage throughout the state. Regarding the District, we treated 3.5 MGD on the 10th, 4.0 on the 13th, and an additional 4.1 on the 14th. Typically, we treat about 1.5 MGD. The plant handled these additional flows fine with no operational issues. However, the collection system did not fare as well. The pump station at Higgins Beach flooded, making the station inoperable and the Pine point area flooded completely inundating our collection system there.

It was this first storm that flooded out the Higgins Beach pump station rendering it inoperable. We began hauling wastewater via septage trucks the next morning. The District rented two engine driven pumps from “Rain for Rent” out of Worcester, Massachusetts. We set up one of those two pumps by 2:30 pm on the 11th.  At that time, we elevated the pump by placing it on a flatbed trailer in preparation for the next storm. I estimated that approximately 35,000 gallons of wastewater was discharged into the marsh because of this event.

The second storm also overtopped the Higgins Beach Pump Station, it also severely flooded the Pine Point Area. Once the water elevation reached the top of the Higgins Beach wet well, we shut down the pump, returning it to service once the flood waters receded. We estimated approximately 10,000 gallons of wastewater was discharge into the marsh because of this event.