Scarborough Sanitary District Rates

Please view our rate information in Adobe PDF format.

2015 ME Utility Rate Survey Update:

22 Maine communities work together to provide users with an up to date rate survey. This survey provides a brief comparison between these communities with regards to rates, debt, and future needs. As shown in the Survey, typical residential rates range from a low of $357/year to a high of $955/year. The Scarborough Sanitary District’s annual residential sewer bill is $396/year. A copy of the survey can be found here.

2013 MRWA Rate Survey: 

Maine Rural Water Association 2013 sewer rate survey has been completed. As shown in this document the Scarborough Sanitary District continues to provide service at costs well below the average. Residential annual sewer rates for the Greater Portland Area (29 Communities) ranged from: $873/year to $357/year with an average of $556/year. The District’s annual residential rate is $396/year. Following is a link to a condensed version of this information specific to the Greater Portland area. The complete document can be found on Maine Rural Water’s website;

2013 MRWA Wastewater Rate Survey, Condensed