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Scarborough Sanitary District - Scarborough, Maine

Scarborough Sanitary District Tours and Education

I want to extend an open invitation to all to come tour our District facilities; I have conducted tours to all age groups, kids through adults.

The Sanitary District is operation budget is approximately a $3 million per year. Each year we convey and treat over 425 million gallons of wastewater from which we remove approximately 95% of the pollutants from the wastewater for less than 1 cent per gallon, thus protecting our beaches we all so much enjoy. We are a 24 hour, 7 day a week operation that runs silently in the background and I suspect very few ever give it any consideration unless there is a problem.

There is a wide skill set that is needed to run a wastewater treatment facility and consequently many potential career opportunities. There is probably something of interest for anyone who has a chance to tour our facility. Just some of the subjects we touch on in our operation include:

I personally greatly enjoy conducting tours; what we do is so important to our welfare. Please feel free to call us to arrange for a tour.

David Hughes, PE

Wentworth School STEAM Night

The Scarborough Sanitary District presented at the Wentworth School’s STEAM night on March 3rd. We had the use of an Eviroscape Model that simulates storm water run-off pollution, an effluent identification contest where the students tried to identify treated wastewater amongst several other water samples, a microscope set up to view the microbiology used in the treatment of wastewater, and fun stickers for the kids. Pictures below:

Wentworth School STEAM Night


AP Environmental Field Trip:
On April 8th, Albert McCormack’s Scarborough High School’s AP Environmental class, toured the Scarborough Sanitary District’s Wastewater Treatment Facility. The tour went great and the kids had some great questions. The teacher promised to be back next year and was going to suggest the tour to other teachers including those with an engineering focus.

Albert McCormack’s Scarborough High School’s AP Environmental class Albert McCormack’s Scarborough High School’s AP Environmental class

We need you to not flush wipes

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